Consent clause regarding the handling of personal information>

When applying for this service, the user agrees to handle the personal information of the user that we have learned in connection with the use of this service as follows after taking protective measures.


Article 1 (Purpose of using personal information)


We will acquire and use the personal information of users for the purposes described in each section.

User management, customer support

Shipping of products to users

Planning of advertisements, promotions, sales solicitations, campaigns, etc.

Publishing a web magazine, creating and sending an email newsletter, conducting a questionnaire

Marketing activities after processing into a state where individuals cannot be identified

Provision of other content related to this service


Article 2 (Consignment of handling personal information)


The Company may outsource all or part of the user's information to another business operator within the scope of the purpose of use in Article 1. As for the outsourcer, we will select an outsourcer with a sufficient level of protection and conclude a contract regarding the handling of personal information.


Article 3 (Provision of personal information to a third party)


We will not disclose or provide the acquired user information to a third party except in the following cases.

When stipulated in the preceding article

With the prior consent of the user

When processed into a state where the user cannot be identified as statistical data

When shared use of user information or provision to a third party is permitted based on laws and regulations, or when disclosure / provision of member information is requested

When requested by a national agency or local public body such as a court or police

When we determine that the life, body or property of the user may be infringed

When provision is permitted by other personal information protection law


Article 4 (voluntary provision)


All personal information acquired by the Company is provided at the will of the user. Please note that we may refuse to use this service if you do not provide the required items.


Article 5 (Responding to inquiries)


At the request of the user himself / herself, the Company responds to notification, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion, suspension / deletion of the purpose of use of personal information held by the Company, and suspension of provision to third parties. increase.


Please see the "Contact Information" below for contact information regarding disclosure, correction, deletion, etc.